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We are researching how nanoporous materials can (help to) save the world.
We are interested in novel materials such as metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), as well as traditional materials like zeolites that are already widely used in industry. Porous materials with well-controlled structures at the nanoscale can be extremely useful because of their ability to recognize and discriminate between adsorbed molecules. This leads to applications of nanoporous materials in adsorption separations, catalysis, membrane processes, sensing, and energy storage.


    • July 2014: Congratulations to Pritha Ghosh on defending her PhD!

    • July 2014: Bhaskar Borah has joined the Physics Department at the Charotar University of Science & Technology in India.

    • June 2014: Randy Snurr is named one of Thomson Reuters' Highly Cited Researchers.

    • April 2014: Congratulations to Diego Gomez-Gualdron on the first prize at the CIERA poster competition at the 2014 Northwestern Computational Research Day!

    • July 2013: Congratulations to Chris Wilmer on defending his PhD!

    • June 2013: Congratulations to Ben Sikora on defending his PhD!

    • March 2013: The group's work on natural gas storage in the MOF NU-125 is highlighted in this month's issue of Chemistry Views!

    • December 2012: Chris Wilmer was named to the Forbes 30-under-30 in energy list!

    • November 2012: Randy Snurr is quoted in RSC Chemistry World discussing new research on selective materials for CO2 separations.

    • November 2012: Our paper "Structure-property relationships of porous materials for carbon dioxide separation and capture" is featured on the front cover of the Energy & Environmental Science journal! (link to article)

    • October 2012: Pritha Ghosh and Randy Snurr, in collaboration with Professor Siepmann's group and Professor Kohen's group have won the 7th Industrial Fluid Properties Simulation Challenge at AIChE 2012. Congratulations!

    • October 2012: Chris Wilmer has won a Graduate Student Award from the Computational Molecular Science and Engineering Forum (CoMSEF) at AIChE 2012. Congratulations!

    • October 2012: Dr. David Fairen-Jimenez has won a prestigious University Research Fellowship from The Royal Society. Congratulations!

    • August 2012: Chris Wilmer has been awarded the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department's Distinguished Graduate Researcher Award for 2012. Congratulations and we look forward to your seminar in a few weeks!

    • August 2012: Chris Wilmer and our collaborator, Omar Farha, are profiled in the current issue of Chemical & Engineering News for their entrepreneurial success.

    • July 2012: Our paper "High Propene/Propane Selectivity in Isostructural Metal–Organic Frameworks with High Densities of Open Metal Sites" is highlighted in Chemistry Views. (link to article)

    • June 2012: Our paper "Thermodynamic analysis of Xe/Kr selectivity in over 137 000 hypothetical metal–organic frameworks" is featured on the cover of Chemical Science. Authors are Ben Sikora, Chris Wilmer, Michael Greenfield and Randy Snurr. (link to article)

    • May 2012: NuMat Technologies, a university spin-out company based on research from the Snurr & Hupp group, wins the Rice Business Plan Competition and the Global Venture Labs Investment Competition, collectively receiving over $1 million in prizes! NuMat's successes are featured in Northwestern News: "Business Pitches Win Big" and in FORTUNE Magazine:"Hail to the Champions".

    • March 2012: Our research is featured on the cover of ACS Catalysis in their March 2012 issue (pictured on right)! (link to article)

    • March 2012: Northwestern's NuMat Technologies, a university spin-out company based on research from the Snurr & Hupp group, has won the $100,000 student company grand prize in the 2012 Clean Energy Challenge. In June, NuMat Technologies will represent the midwestern United States in a National Clean Energy student business competition. See also coverage by McCormick News. Congratulations!

    • February 2012: The movie about our research wins an award in the 2011 NSF International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge and is featured in the February 2012 issue of Science as well as being covered in Wired magazine and MSNBC.

    • January 2012: Randy Snurr has joined the Editorial Advisory Board of the journal Chemistry of Materials.

    • January 2012: Our research is featured on the cover of Nature Chemistry in their February 2012 issue (pictured on right)! (link to article)

    • January 2012: Our research collaboration with Prof. Fraser Stoddart's group on "sugar MOFs" is highlighted in Science!

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