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My research interests are driven by an interest in understanding and thereby controlling molecular-level phenomena. Currently I'm working on controlling interactions of antibodies with antigens by computational design. I have also studied protein aggregation fundamentals with the goal of providing design strategies for aggregation resistance.

A complementary focus of my research involves melding various classical and quantum chemical simulation tools together to both develop new techniques and to study important systems.


I have put a great deal of effort into studying the effect that the shape of a confining environment has on the way that molecules adsorb, move and encounter each other. Zeolite pores are one such environment, but the techniques are equally applicable to other complex systems, such as biomolecules.

These studies are important because they lead to a fundamental understanding of how important physiological or industrial processes work. With such understanding, the possibility of atomic-level design finally emerges.

Here are details of some old projects (not current)

Download a copy of my CV/resume. I'm currently looking for a job where I can learn about and apply my knowledge to new areas.
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